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Love is… DIY hearts

· Lots of love and projects to fill your hearts with joy... ·

8 February 2022 0 Comments

Celebrating all the love with you this year. Not just the red rose kinda love. 

We hope you find inspiration and will try some of these out to share with someone close to your heart.

And yes that includes you. No love is better than selflove.

If your person is in a different state/country or lockdown, get on facetime and make a heart together. Share the love.

Start with a clear intention even at the planning stage. Where would you like the love to flow in your life?

 And with that clear intension start gathering your materials, whether  you pop down to the shop or find foliage in your garden.

Then pour all the love in your little project and see where it takes you.

Enjoy the journey.

Kerstin x

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