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30 November 2017 1 Comments

Hello! I’m Elise, the photographer behind Floragraphica and the photographer behind many of the images on this beautiful website and business cards. As you may have guessed from its name, Floragraphica is all about the photography of flowers – my passion!

I specialise in photographing wedding bouquets (straight after the wedding) to create beautiful wall art so the bouquet can be enjoyed forever but I also work extensively with florists to capture their gorgeous creations – before, during and after.

I love working with Kerstin at her workshops and styled shoots and am excited for some of the workshops that are coming up, especially those aimed at professional florists.

Flowers have a grace and beauty that is captivating, uplifting and moving, and there is nothing I love more than (attempting to) capture that with my photography.

You can learn more about me at and check out my work at  Hope to see you there!

Elise x

30 November 2017

1 Comment

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    Allan @ Flower Market Brisbane

    26 April 2019

    Hi Elise. I want say that I am a fan of yours. Your pictures are astounding, you really are a great photographer. Whenever our customers needed photographer for their bridal shower flower arrangement photoshoot. here at Christensen Flower Auction we always refer you because we know the quality of your works. Keep it up and more power to floragraphica.